Vegetarian Foods from Thailand safe for a Wedding

Thai wedding cuisine off a well-planned menu is always full of pleasant surprises with Thai chefs being particular with the herbs and spices that make vegetarian dishes so exquisite.


Vegetarian Foods from Thailand safe for a Wedding

We know that a beautifully set table is the biggest appetizer there is, and for a wedding, this is particularly true. Food too is a careful consideration at a wedding as there are so many people with allergies. You have to be careful with this as Thai weddings can go on for 3 days!


Vegetarian Dishes – Harmonious on the Tongue

Many guests at a wedding are vegetarian, and the colour and texture will play important roles. What makes Thai food so sensational is that they get the right mix of flavours to make the food harmonious on the tongue.

Certainly when planning food for a wedding, ‘digestion begins in the eye’, and you want your vegetarian foods to look and taste good. Vegetables need to be well cooked so as not to lose their goodness and value.



Impeccable Thai Wedding Hospitality

For a Thai wedding, there are a host of novel and tasty ways of preparing vegetables that will stimulate every guest’s appetite – from cauliflower fritters to parsley potato cakes to onion squares. The exquisite Lancaster Bangkok Hotel offers an authentic Thai experience, and if you opt to have your wedding reception there, you can expect nothing less than impeccable hospitality.


Guests will be able to enjoy Asian and International cuisine, and whatever menu you have in mind for your guests, hotel chefs rise to the occasion. Seasoning may well hold the secret to heir great cooking, but it’s the hotel’s subtle touch to their roasts, salads and dressings that ensure such fine flavours to every dish they serve.


Everything becomes a Feast

For a small wedding in Bangkok, you can be sure that vegetarian food from Thailand is a safe choice for a wedding. This is because the hotel chefs know how to cook everything under the sun. Even their gluten-free foods become a feast.


Hors d’Oeuvres are often an introduction to your meal, a popular first course, and are attractive and easy to serve – from delicious soups to mixed vegetables cooked and cut into small cubes and served in crisp lettuce leaf cups. Potato salads, Thai tofu curry with jasmine-scented rice, pickled onions, sliced beetroot, asparagus tips – you name it, the chefs keep in mind colour and flavour They serve up these snacks in the most decadent way as they know too well that colour and appearance of food has a tremendous effect on the appetite of wedding guests.


The Right Food in the Right Ambiance

The Lancaster team know how to relax wedding couples and guests by serving magnificent food and drinks in the exceptional ambiance of the hotel.


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