Top Shops to visit while visiting Portobello Road Market.

Portobello Road market is one of the most famous street markets all over the world. It is a six-day market famous for its antique items sold by the many vendors that line the streets. The market is many markets in one divided into sections. The market is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm. The presence of numerous hotels nearby like K West Hotel shows its famous and a favourite tourist destination.


Fruit and Vegetable Stalls.


At Portobello road market there are fruit and vegetable stalls that stalk fresh fruits and vegetables. The stalls mainly serve the local community; however tourists can also visit the stalls to sample the fruits and vegetables for their picnic lunch or to cook at their rental. The fruits and vegetables at the stalls are fresh and of high quality. Besides the fresh fruits and vegetables, displayed in this section of the market, other edible things such as cakes, bread, and cheese are also sold.


Antiques Shops


The antique stalls at Portobello road market are located at the top of the Portobello road near the Notting Hills tube station. Here you will find antiques from all over the world as old as from Roman times. The antique shops are some of the most famous antique stalls in the world making the Portobello road market known all over the world. The high numbers of stalls make tourists spend hours going from one stall to another. An association was formed to promote antique trading in the market. It helps to ensure fair trading of the antiques. It is advisable to buy antiques from the vendors that display the Portobello Antique Dealers Association London (PADA) on their stalls.


Second-Hand Market


This is another section of the Portobello road market where second-hand clothes, music, jewellery, and books are sold. The section is located at the elevated part of the highway. Here the shops have a kind of routine; on Fridays, the stalls sell vintage homewares and clothing. On Saturday, junior designer clothing and hand-made crafts are sold, and on Sundays, this is turned into a traditional flea market. This part of the Portobello road market is the only one that is opened on Sundays besides the shops along the streets.


New Goods Shops.

At this section of the market, the shops here are typical shops, like those found all over London. Here the vendors stock jewellery, clothing, books, and other normal items. This section is located between Talbot Road and the Westway.



Portobello Road Market is a famous market all over Europe. It is a perfect tourist destination; besides the shopping, tourist also comes to see the famous Portobello road where the famous 1999 film, Notting Hills was shot.


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