The History of Lancaster Gate, London

The Lancaster Gate is a 19th-century structure located in Bayswater, which is in London. It is to the north of Kensington Gardens. The building consists of two sizeable terraces of houses overlooking the side of the park. There is a huge gap that opens the square and contains a church. In early 1865, the terraces were known as Upper Hyde Park. The monumental structures have always been a great source of London’s pride. In this article, we are going to explore the history of Lancaster Gate in London and what makes it a great destination for tourists.

Design and Building – How it was built

Located in Westminster’s city, it was named so in honour of Queen Victoria as Duke of Lancaster. The terraces are designed in an attractive eclectic style. Near the gate, there’s a church, Christ Church. Looking at it; viewers can see the English and French designs. The major architects for the job were F. &H. Francis. It was later demolished in 1977. The Lancaster Gate still stands alongside Hyde Park Gardens and is a huge monument. Its construction took close to ten years. Other advancements, especially on the interior, were added in the 21st century. It is a huge attraction site in London.

Uses – What it was used for

The fifteen storey house was divided into flats in the 1920s and then to a hotel in 1970. The hotel was closed down in 2006, and the entire structure was demolished. They only retained the French oriented facades. For more than seventy years, the Lancaster Gate housed the Football Association. After that, the association relocated to Soho Square. Today, the Lancaster Gate is a heavily populated ward with over eighty-five people per acre. This is following the census done in 2011. Most of the residents are young and learned single people. They mostly live alone in privately rented units. Very few of them have children or elderly persons.

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By The Lud – Self-photographed, Public Domain,


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