What to expect at London Gay Pride 2022

The London Gay Pride 2022 is returning for its 50th Anniversary. It will be the first since 2019 after cancellations due to Covid. Here is what to expect this year.

What is the London Gay Pride?

The first Pride Parade took place in the UK in 1972. It has since been held each year except for the recent cancellations due to the Covid pandemic. The Pride is a party of all genders, races, faiths, and sexualities as they come together in the city to celebrate the LGBT+ community. It showcases art, dance, parties, cinemas and other activities across London. The last edition attracted an estimated 1.5 million audience and participants, which means that this year’s event may be as massive or even more spectacular.

When will London Gay Pride take place, and what to expect?

The 2022 edition will take place on Saturday 2nd July 2022. Participants are invited to experience the joy, triumph, and celebration of the LGBT+ community. Those participating in the Pride Parade will march alongside 300 floats and groups as they sing and dance through the city streets. During the last event in 2019, a plane from the Royal Air Force sprayed coloured vapour to honour the march. Therefore, many cannot wait to see what is in store for the 2022 Pride Parade. Participants can expect to be treated to free performances in West End and Trafalgar Square as the colourful festival culminates in Central London. Visitors also have a chance to sample London life and party at Soho, which has an abundance of clubs, pubs and bars.


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